Dear fellow Goddess lovers and idolators!

We love those images and gotta have ’em. I understand completely, that’s why I make them.

Since the death of my father, followed closely by the death of my mother, I just had to take some time off and recoup. But the outpouring of your appreciation for my work has encouraged me. I am deeply grateful and inspired to start up again. I feel that providing the Goddess images you wish for is my Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.

So this Samhain, I am going to dive deep and with the help of my ancestors, start production again. There will be new offerings of Goddess images as well. And if you have ideas of what you want, please feel free to express that to me….with pictures.

I will be posting images and notes on Facebook:

Again, Thank you so much for all of your support.

Blessings, Constance Tippett
“Maker of graven images”

The 3-D goddess images on this site are museum quality and personally hand made by me, Constance Tippett.  They are made from kiln-fired terra cotta clay and finished with a patina that gives them an antique appearance and coated with bees wax.  Since the images are hand made, not mass produced, no two are exactly alike.  In cases where molds are used, I have made the molds myself.  Molded statues are finished individually.

Visit for an overview of 30,000 years of goddess imagery.